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Optometrists & Practice Owners: Fire Your Social Media Agency

Get All Your Practice’s Social Media Content for just $299 without recurring payments

What’s Included?

  1. One year of written optometry-specific social media posts.
  2. Perfect for use on Facebook, Google My Business, and other text based social media channels
  3. Includes a mix of educational tidbits, eye health tips, promotional posts, and engaging questions to spark conversations.
  4. Completely editable content. Ready to copy and paste or add a personal touch or highlight specific offers or services.

Examples of the social media posts we’ve created for you to use.

Example social media posts
Example social media posts

We’ve created a social media package that’s faster, easier, and more effective than writing your own social media posts.

Tired of spending $1,500 on social media management per month? Most practices spend well over $10K a year on social media-related marketing.

Now, you can get all the posts you need for your practice in one place.

You entered the world of optometry to make a difference in people’s lives, not to become a part-time social media manager. You can only wear so many hats.

Unless you’re an eyecare influencer (which you very well might be), it isn’t worth spending a considerable chunk of your time brainstorming clever posts. Besides, when it comes to eye doctor’s offices, most social media platforms only get viewed after someone hears about you somewhere else.

Why Optometrists Love It

👓 Streamline your practice’s social media presence.

👓 Avoid gaps in the timeline where you’re too busy to post for weeks on end.

👓 Share relevant and helpful content.

👓 Save time on marketing and focus on what you’re best at: helping patients.

👓 Consistent posts keep you in front of the community.

👓 Content speaks directly to the needs and interests of your patients.

👓 More economical than hiring a full-time social media manager or freelance content creators

1 Year of Social Media Posts

Set and Forget Your Social Media 

Set all of your social media accounts up for success for an entire year with relevant, professional posts.

Purcahse below to start your journey to a stress-free social media presence!


The Year-Round Social Media Solution for Optometrists

What if we told you that you could engage and educate potential customers for an entire year, with just one day of preparation? You might be thinking, “Well…I could probably make posts myself.

That’s true. You probably could. But, as a practice owner, your time is infinitely more valuable when focused on growth and big-picture strategies. Granular tasks like writing social media posts aren’t exactly big-picture tasks.

Get Immediate Access

1 Year of Social Media Posts
1 Year of Social Media Posts