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We Create Killer Websites for Optometrists and Eye Doctor Practices Looks professional. Generates leads. Ranks well in search. Gets patients the info they’re looking for. What more do you need?

We build killer custom websites for optometrists and private practices.

We’re all about creating a digital presence that pulls in new patients like a magnet.

Obsessing over premium website design is what we do—every single detail, from the homepage to your contact info, is crafted to crush it on user experience and pump up your SEO so that your practice looks as good online as it is offline.

Let’s make your practice stand out and dominate online!

Why Do You Need Professional Optometrist Website Design?

Your website is the gateway to your practice. More often than not, a website is the first contact point for potential new patients and is their first impression of your practice. Nowadays, a powerful online presence is the only way to stand out among the competition.

Our optometrist websites don’t just look good—they drive engagement and convert visitors into loyal patients.

Websites for Optometrists

What You’ll Get:

Clear Conversion Action

 clear call to action (CTA) leads a user straight towards what you want them to do next. One of our key focuses is making it easy for viewers to

  • Call you
  • Fill out your contact form
  • Find out what services you offer

This means higher conversion rates and more new patients walking through your door.

Visibility and Rankings

SEO makes websites appear higher in search engine results, translating to more website traffic and views. We create sites using SEO best practices, so you can increase your online presence and get in front of more customers.

Credibility and Trust

Your website should highlight all of the best aspects of you and your practice. We prioritize compliance with healthcare standards in regulation and make it clear to users why they should trust you with their eye care needs. We’ll work with you to make sure your brand and message shine through consistently.

Optimized User Experience

Effective optometry website design prioritizes the user’s journey. We make sure that navigation is straightforward and all critical information is readily accessible. Your site will be fully optimized for both desktop and mobile use, meaning the customer experience will be seamless no matter where they find you!

A Cost-Effective Strategy

An attractive website isn’t worth anything if no one can find it. Because we build with SEO principles, your website will be more likely to perform for years to come. Compared to paid advertising, where you have to pay per click, this only requires minor updates and maintenance for the visitors to stay streaming in.

Websites for Optometrists
Websites for Optometrists

Our Process
Components of Super Optometry Website Building

1.Strategic Keyword Research

We start with thorough research to identify the keywords that your potential patients are using to find optometry services. We focus on relevant, high-volume local keywords to optimize content and improve search engine visibility.

2. Engaging Content

We focus on informative, accurate, and patient-friendly content that addresses common eye health concerns, services offered, and the expertise of the optometry team. This content should establish trust, educate the audience, and enhance SEO.

3. Technical Optimizations

We make sure every website is optimized using the best SEO practices. This means adding meta tags and alt text, and structured data, improving site speed, compressing images, leveraging browser caching, and minimizing the use of heavy scripts. We’ll ensure your optometry website is listed in relevant directories and citation sites to improve local SEO. This is just the tip of the iceberg–just know that a lot more goes into making a website that outperforms competitors than you think!

4. Generate Reviews

Sites with reviews, like Google My Business, Yelp, and healthcare-specific review platforms, can drive significant referral traffic to an optometry website. This can increase appointments and overall business growth. We’ll make it as easy as possible for happy patients to leave reviews and for potential patients to see them!

5. Grounding in the Local Market

The website’s content and marketing should reflect local demographics and community interests. Local SEO tactics, including local keywords and location-specific content, can attract nearby patients.

6. User-Friendly Design

Your optometry website will have a clean, attractive layout that reflects the professional image of your practice. We’ll ensure it is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and accessible to people with disabilities, which enhances the overall user experience.

Our Optometry Web Design Success Stories Proof our system works

Here are some of our live sites that help optometrists convert users into patients!

Websites for Optometrists

Poudre Valley Eyecare:

This homepage features a clear call to action, “book your exam,” and a possibly more accessible reworded version of the same CTA, “Call now.” Whether you are young or old, it is easy to see the next step for visitors even before you scroll. Additionally, this site has a clear and organized structure of the main navigation bar. This is not only important for user experience, but it is also an indicator to Google about what services you provide and can affect your specific keyword rankings.
Visit Poudre Valley Eyecare

Websites for Optometrists

VisionOne Eyecare:

On the second scroll of Visionone Eycare’s website, we showcase their best asset – positive reviews. Over 95% of new patients consider reviews before attending a new office. An important part of our SEO strategy is highlighting good reviews while working to generate even more.
VisionOne Eyecare’s website.

Websites for Optometrists

Providence Eye Associates:

To make sure your site is optimized, it’s critical to have a list of your services on the homepage. On this website, we highlight some of this practice’s most important services. Each service is linked to its own page where one can discuss what is offered and why it is important in further detail.
Check out
Providence Eye Associates.

Websites for Optometrists

Dominate Online with an SEO Website Build

We know that a website is more than a mere digital brochure. It’s an essential tool in your marketing arsenal, influencing the amount of traffic your business can receive, how your practice is perceived in the community, and its effectiveness in attracting and retaining patients.

Our team specializes in optometry website design. We know exactly how to craft a site that caters to eye doctors and their key audience.

Ready to take your practice to the next level with an SEO optometry website? Contact us today and let’s start your journey toward developing a strong web presence.

Optometry and Optical Marketing Frequently Asked Questions