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Atten: Optometrists

How to grow your practice (even during a pandemic)
without paying a fortune.

This works even if you’ve been shut down within the past few months.

The extreme measures of social distancing and stay-at-home orders completely changed the way we work. 50% of small business owners believe they can’t withstand this economic downturn past 3 months.

Many of those are optometrists. We’ve talked to dozens of eye care professionals who told us, “I don’t know how my practice will recover from this pandemic.”

Here’s the problem you face:

After months of being “out of mind” for patients, how do you get them back into your practice and make them feel safe while driving the revenue you need to grow?

This epidemic is continuing to wipe out years of market gains, so you certainly can’t depend on the government to bail you out.

After processing more than $350 billion in loans under the first version of the Paycheck Protection Program, hundreds of thousands of businesses are still waiting on funding.

This can be particularly devastating for practices who typically only have a month or two of cash on hand. Optometry is uniquely exposed to the impacts of COVID-19. After all, optometrists can be nose-to-nose with at least 50 patients a day.

As the owner, you have to manage the health and well-being of your staff, as well as pay taxes, utilities, insurance, and payroll. And you can’t pay these bills without patients.

When moving towards reopening, you’ll need to get patients in the door quickly to get the revenue to survive. And the great practices won’t just survive – they will thrive!

Take advantage of this situation and grow your brand. Most importantly, show your community you’re still here for them.

This is where we can help.

Introducing the

Optometry Marketing Stimulus Package

Continue to move your business forward and shield it from the pandemic through these trying times.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get:

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

SEO Website Audit
($1,000 Value)

All the important pages on your website should be easy-to-find by search engines. But major site errors can prevent this from happening. Our audit finds potential issues that could cause your rankings to drop. Once search engines understand the architecture and content of your site, you will start to bring in the traffic you want

Basic Rankings Report*
($200 Value)

People are searching for “Optometrist” related terms in Google every day. Our rankings report gives you full visibility on the performance of your keywords. See which terms are performing the best and ways to improve what’s not. If you’re ranking in the top 5 spaces, this means you get the phone calls and patients that would otherwise go to your competitors.

*We can also provide you a list of the most common search terms around optometry and optometric practice.

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack
Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

Optometry Marketing Guide
($300 Value)

Designed to help you market your optometry practice effectively no matter where your market is, who your clientele is, or how long you’ve been in business. We address the most common marketing channels available, how to actually use them to market optometric services, and how to track and measure the revenue generated by each channel.

This is already an amazing deal, but because we know times are
tough as an added *bonus* you also get:

Local Listing Optimization
($1,300 Value)

Google My Business is a HUGE lead generation tool for practices. Your information, reviews, photos, and overall ranking can help or hurt your business massively. Inaccurate or incomplete information is a good way to have your listing not shown, making way for competition to take your place. We’ll complete and optimize your listing for you, to give you the best chance at getting new customers.

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

Here are the rankings for a client who purchased a Google Local Optimization Package from Us

Before 😞

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

After 😁

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack
These additional rankings can create dozens of clients every month! 💸💸

Normally, we sell this package for $2,800 but for the next several months, we’re making it available for a single payment of $299.

Questions? Call us at (970) 999-1531


How Will This Package Benefit Your Optometry Practice?

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

Help Patients Find You

Resolve any major SEO issues so finding your practice online can be simple and effortless

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

Boosts your local reputation

Optimized listings allow patients to notice your practice above the competition.

Optometrists Coronavirus Recover Pack

Uses a proven blueprint

We know what will work because we’ve DONE IT for other practices.

Optometry Marketing Special Offer!

Limited Time Only!

Get Started Now! Fill out the form, and we’ll give you a follow-up call.

We’ll give you a call to finalize the deal and start growing your practice.

Here’s EVERYTHING you’re going to get with this special stimulus package!

SEO Website Audit = $1,000 Value

Basic Rankings Report = $200 Value

Your Optometry Marketing Guide = $300 Value

*Bonus* Local Listing Optimization = $1,300 Value

Total Value = $2,800

Starting at Just: $299

Lock in this deal before it’s gone!

Look, we get that money is tight right now, but this is an incredible deal. And whether or not you get money from Uncle Sam, we want to provide our own stimulus package for your practice.

It takes our team hours to do this work, so we’re not making a profit on this program, but we want to help business owners like you get back on your feet because we’ve all been impacted by this virus.

We can’t keep prices this low for long, so get your marketing stimulus package before prices go up.

What You Can Expect After Purchase

  • We will schedule a call with your team to determine the best SEO strategy for your practice.
  • You will get an email with instant access to our Optometry Marketing guide, so you can start implementing right away.
  • Then we will provide a complete audit report uncovering any major SEO or technical SEO errors. 
  • Next, you will receive your rankings report detailing where your practice sits on the search engine results.
  • Finally, we will optimize your Google Business listing so new patients can easily find you online.

It’s difficult to predict what the economy will look like after this is over. But we know that people will still need vision help. Sooner or later society must open back up. And when we do, the people positioned for rapid growth will capture all the demand that’s been building for months.

Do you want to be that practice?

If so, get your package today and be ready for the rush.

Still have questions?
Let’s chat at (970) 999-1531

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried SEO before. Does it even work?

Yes! SEO works as long as there’s a clear strategy in place. We have years of proven client success using the methods detailed in this program. My practice is already easy-to-find on Google.

Do we still need to work on my local listing?

Yes. Since local listings show up above organic search results, it’s important to make sure the listing is relevant to the search query. Not only is showing up at the top important but so are customer reviews, responsiveness to those reviews, and even having correct information on other directories like Yelp or Foursquare.

What if I don’t have time to implement this?

It’s easy! Just provide us access to a couple platforms and we’ll take care of the rest. Our expert team will handle strategy and execution. After all, we know how this investment can result in huge gains for your practice.