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The Ultimate Playbook for Growing Your Practice Using Digital Marketing

Get new patients, get more $$ per patient, and increase the value of your practice.

What’s in Your Guide:

What we do and how it helps.

  • How to use SEO, Paid Search, and Branding to make your marketing world-class.
  • How to use Visual Branding (logo, colors, and themes) grow your practice
  • Why you need to use separate marketing strategies and Facebook and Google to maximize returns
  • The SEO strategy we use to consistently rank on the first page of Google (normally you’d need to pay $1,000 for access to our SEO course for this content!)
  • How to deal with negative reviews
  • How to build a brand in your community
  • Secrets to drive return visits

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Your Playbook to Growing Your Optometry Practice

Marketing an optometry practice in a competitive area can be hard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and just stuck, we understand.

How do you compete against the major players? How do you build your brand and reputation in the community? How do you incentivise reviews?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this guide.

Your guide includes a full 26 pages (over 8,500 words!) of rich, actionable content to help you get a marketing strategy in place for your practice. This isn’t some marketing fluff with generic information. We give you the exact strategies to use to start marketing today.

The Marketing Handbook for Optometrists

Do you ever wish there was a simple guide to tell you exactly what you should be doing to market your optometry practice?

Now there is.

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Why You Need this Handbook for Optometrists Now

“Their team was crystal clear from the beginning regarding the project’s contract, deliverables, communication, and completion. It was both impressive and helpful. We communicated via email mostly and had a couple of in-person meetings.”

– Ashley @ The Food Corridor

Free Guide Download

We did deep dives into specific topics leaving readers with a clear understanding of the:

  • Problem at hand

  • Research data and its context

  • Keys for successful implementation

This strategy helped us collect leads without asking visitors to contact us first. Chances are you’re missing opportunities right now to generate revenue and organic traffic to your site. If you’d like us to take a look, reach out to us. We’ll do an audit to help you determine the big opportunities for you to improve your rankings, traffic, and ultimately generate revenue from search.

We know what works.

We’ve done this time and time again. We’ve worked out the kinks and refined our process over countless hours, iterations, and tests. And because we’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, from huge industrial giants to small Internet-only startups, we’re confident we can help yours, too.

We’re experienced, efficient, and effective.

When you’re first learning SEO, there’s a lot of trial and error involved. It takes a long time to really get up to speed and maximize your results! Plus, SEO always takes time.Be wary of anyone who tells you they can have you ranking in the top slot on Google tomorrow. SEO is a cruise ship, not a speedboat.

It’s worth it.

We helped one of our clients grow their organic search traffic by more than 156% in just six months. But what does that number really mean, practically speaking? For this company, 156% has translated into huge growth. They’re becoming a major player in their industry. 

Who we are We started because most agencies don't understand practice needs.

Tyler and Christine are the husband and wife founders of Christine is a practicing OD and Tyler is a marketing professional focused on growing practices. Together they launched after seeing the challenges facing practice owners in this competitive space.

Rather than leave owners to work with traditional marketing agencies (many of whom don’t understand the unique needs of optometrists), they wanted to focus their efforts on working with owners and managers who want more revenue, more freedom, and more flexibility in their business.

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